Game Plan

There is a universal courtship sequence that happens between humans. We all essentially go through the same steps from meeting a partner to forming a sexual relationship with them. If you know the steps and know how to move from one to the next, it becomes easy.

From meeting a woman to beginning a sexual relationship with her goes through three fundamental stages: Attraction, Comfort and Seduction. First you have to attract her, by demonstrating your value to the woman and making her interested in you. This leads to comfort building, where you take the time to get to know her and to get comfortable with her. Lastly, you have mutual seduction. Once the woman is attracted to you, and comfortable being with you, she is going to want to be seduced or may even seduce you.

Courtship phases

The game plan that will be used in this guide is the M3 model. This is a linear game plan that splits up the three stages of courtship into nine phases. These phases are:

Having a game plan allows you to refine the steps as you go along. You will be able to calibrate where you are and how to move forward. This multilayered game plan also opens the possibility for multiple goals. It can be applied no matter what you are looking for – whether a sex friend, a lover, a girlfriend or a wife.


Within each phase you will be using practiced routines, so that you are not reinventing your communication all the time but instead refining it. You will be talking about similar ideas in similar ways. However, that does not mean you will be saying the same thing to everybody you meet.

The irony of having a game plan and routines thought out in advance is that things will seem more natural than if you approach a girl without any preparation. It also means that you will be able to progress much quicker than if you did not have a plan.

Accelerated Dating

To find the right girl for you, you will have to go through a few. Spending months getting to know a girl before you find out that you do not have much in common is not a good strategy. You should use an accelerated dating program instead, and that is what this guide will teach you.

Even if you have a special girl in mind, if you are not able to attract her you need to develop your skill set with many other girls first. The way to get the specific woman you want is to get good with women in general. If you know how to get women, you will know how to get that girl. The confidence and social skills you build learning to be good with women will also spread to other areas of your life.

With a good game plan it takes four to ten hours, or on average seven hours, from meeting a woman all the way to beginning a sexual relationship with her. It may take you a week to gather those hours, but usually one to three days. While this may not seem like a lot of time, it will be more than enough to get to know the girl and to decide whether you want to spend more time with her. Remember that this is not the traditional courtship game where you spend weeks of dating, delaying what was there in the first moment after you met.